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Pattern Block Template
Pattern Block Template
Plastic template with thirteen geometric shapes. Sized to fit pattern blocks. Package of 10
Item# 123 $40.25 ea.
Tape Measures
Retractable, crescent shaped tape measures come in a package of 10
Item# 135 $22.50 ea.
Slim, white, plastic straws come in packages of 500
Item# 133 $6.75 ea.
Connectors (twist ties)
Paper covered connectors come in a box of 2,000
Item# 108 $8.95 ea.
Clock Faces
Plastic clock faces come in a package of 5
Item# 103 $9.95 ea.
Two-color, matte finish numberlines show -30 to 180
Item# 121 $12.95 ea.
8 inch, two-sided geoboards have both a 7x7-pin array and 24-pin circle. Package of 6
Item# 116 $16.95 ea.
Multi-colored rubberbands come in a package of 400
Item# 128 $4.95 ea.
Transparent geo mirror helps to show symmetry
Item# 138 $2.95 ea.
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