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Attribute Blocks
Full-sized attribute blocks come in a set of 60
Item# 101 $15.95 ea.
Clear, plastic ruler, dual scale measures 6 in/15cm
Item# 129 $0.70 ea.
Helix Compass
Traditional, two-legged compass with retractable tip
Item# 106A $2.65 ea.
4" Protractor
4-inch wide, clear, plastic protractor

Item# 247 $ 0.85 ea.
Meter Stick
Wooden metersticks come in packages of 10. Dual scale (inches and centimeters)
Item# 120 $29.50 ea.
Counting Sticks
Wooden craft sticks come in a box of 1,000
Item# 110 $9.95 ea.
Dot Dice
Dot dice come in a package of 12
Item# 113 $3.95 ea.
Polyhedral Dice
Polyhedral Dice come in a set of six
Item# 114 $3.95 ea.
Blank Dice
Blank dice come in a package of 12
Item# 112 $3.95 ea.
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