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Rocker Balance
Plastic balance comes with two 1/2 liter buckets
Item# 127 $20.95 ea.
Multi-colored, plastic counters come in a package of 100
Item# 109 $5.25 ea.
Classroom Thermometer
Classroom thermometer displays Farenheit and Celsius
Item# 136 $6.95 ea.
Pattern Blocks
Plastic pattern blocks come in a set of 250
Item# 124 $ 26.75 ea.
Base Ten Frame
10" x 7" foam frame designed for use with standard base ten blocks (blocks not included)
Item# 102E $8.95 ea.
Base Ten Unit Cubes
Base ten unit cubes come in a package of 100
Item# 102A $ 2.95 ea.
Base Ten Rods
Base ten rods come in a package of 50
Item# 102B $8.95 ea.
Base Ten Flats
Base ten flats come in a package of 10
Item# 102C $8.95 ea.
Base Ten Block
Base ten blocks come as a single item
Item# 102D $5.95 ea.
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