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GeoMirror Pattern Blocks Symmetry Library
Made from translucent plastic, GeoMirrors let students explore symmetry, line reflections, transformations and congruence. Mirrors work great with pattern blocks, pattern cards or paper-and-pencil drawings. For a limited time, small-group and classroom sets are available for a special price
Pattern Blocks
Solid plastic Pattern Blocks come in a set of 250. 1-cm thick blocks come in six different shapes and colors. Set also includes storage bin.
Symmetry Literature Collection
Integrate math instruction with language arts and science with this six book set. Includes both paperback and hardcovered editions. Appropriate for Grades K-3.
Item # 824 Small Group Set (10 GeoMirrors) $24.95
Item # 825 Classroom Set (30 GeoMirrors) $54.95
Item # 124 Pattern Blocks (set of 250) $25.95
Item # 967 Symmetry Literature Collection $54.95