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Place Value Strips
4-color place value strips show 1's, 10's, 100's & 1,000's. Set of 10
Item# 260 $15.95 ea.
Decimal Place Value Strips
Decimal Place Value Strips
3-color strips show .1's, .01's & .001's Set of 10
Item# 252 $13.95 ea.
Place Value Flip Chart
2-sided flip chart shows whole numbers on one side, decimals on the other. 5" x 17" size
Item# 259 $15.95 ea.
Decimal Place Value Tiles
3-color, 1" foam tiles show .1, .01 and .001. Package of 30
Item# 253 $13.95 ea.
Number Dice
Number dice come in a package of 6
Item# 251 $3.75 ea.
Ten Sided Dice
Jumbo,10-sided dice (decahedral) come in a package of 8
Item# 264 $13.95 ea.
Dot Dice
Standard dot dice come in a package of 12
Item# 113 $3.75 ea.
Polyhedral Dice
Polyhedral dice come in a set of six
Item# 114 $3.75 ea.
Blank Dice
Blank dice come in a package of 12
Item# 112 $3.75 ea.
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